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My name is Andy Wycoff, founder of County Line Boats. I have grown up in Missouri hunting the public marshlands and lakes in the Kansas City area. After countless times of watching ducks land out in areas that were unattainable to me, I decided to build a layout boat. I wanted something that would help me get where I needed to be, as well as conceal me within the marsh. My first attempt was a wood and fiberglass model. This model didn't last but a couple of seasons before it began to rot out. It would be so heavy by the end of the season that it was impossible for one man to load and unload.

A few of my hunting buddies and I began to brainstorm a way to construct a layout boat that would not only last longer, but be able to take the abuse that comes with hunting Missouri’s marshes. This concept has now become the driving purpose for County Line Boats. 

At County Line Boats we are here to give you the best possible service we can. With many options that can be added to our boats, you are sure to find one that meets your hunting needs.

We offer a safe and reliable boat that can withstand everyday use in the extent of every season. A boat that is light enough to tow over levees, but durable enough to break ice effortlessly.  

Our company would not exist if it were not for traditions. Our goal is to provide a boat that can be passed down to your kids to continue the legacy of waterfowl hunting.